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George Li: program notes

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George Li Programme Notes Performance: Vancouver Playhouse, Sunday, December 4, 2011 Carl Czerny Variations on a Theme by Rode, Op. 33 (“La Ricordanza”) Most concertgoers know Carl Czerny only as the early nineteenth-century pedagogue who churned out endless dull exercises … Continue reading

Listening Room

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One thing we all share in common is a passion for listening to music. Of course, we regularly come together to discover new talent and marvel at internationally-acclaimed artists on Vancouver’s stages. But our appetite for music does not end … Continue reading

Music and Politics: a perspective

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The connection between music and politics has had a long, varied and interesting history. National anthems inspire a country’s patriotism, and protest songs rally a down-trodden populace. Music has become so important to today’s political campaigns that their success can … Continue reading