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Listening Room

One thing we all share in common is a passion for listening to music.

Of course, we regularly come together to discover new talent and marvel at internationally-acclaimed artists on Vancouver’s stages. But our appetite for music does not end there.

In a world where recordings have never been more readily available, we can now have our pick of music at any time, anywhere.

This prompted us to ask the question: what are you listening to?

We decided to put the question to Alexander Melnikov. Perhaps not surprisingly, much of his listening centres on the music he is performing. In other words, his listening is his work and his study.

Melnikov added that his late-night listening lately has been Bruno Walter’s recording of Mahler’s ninth symphony with the Vienna Philharmonic. But he really wanted us to know about the Comedian Harmonists, an all-male vocal group who performed in the 1930s. You will find background on this ensemble here; try this YouTube channel for recordings and excerpts from a movie.

Let us know what you have been listening to by posting your favourite recordings on our blog, or by emailing them. Everyone who shares their personal playlists will be automatically entered to win an attractive CD package specially picked by VRS staff.

Happy listening!

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9 thoughts on “Listening Room

  1. Listening to CDs at home I tend to gravitate to Bach. 1. Andres Diaz Bach Cello Suites (Azica) – interesting fact – most of the Diaz recordings are ONLY downloadable on MP3! 2. I moved on from Gould’s Goldberg Variations a number of years ago to Angela Hewitt’s Bach Well-Tempered Clavier Book 1 and 2 (Hyperion). As a yoga practitioner I also listen regularly to Deva Premal “The Essence” (White Swan) – a great restorer of peace and balance.

  2. I’ve been revisiting my sets of symphonies. Primarily, the Beethovens and Mozart. In particular, I’ve been sampling the spectrum of Jupiters from the great number of conductors who’s taken a stab at it. Classical Archives is a great place to try these out without buying every disc.

  3. Beaux Arts Trio: Arensky Piano Trios. Not a staple repertoire, but a delightful rendering. Beaux Arts Trio is always my favourite.

    Adras Schiff: Bach Keyboard Concertos. Well paced and elegant.

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