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Florian Boesch & Miah Persson

baritone and soprano

Malcolm Martineau


Thursday, Mar 16, 2017 | 7:30 pm
Vancouver Playhouse
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Austrian baritone Florian Boesch, one of today’s foremost Lieder interpreters, makes a welcome return to the VRS stage — this time with Swedish soprano Miah Persson. This is the first duo vocal recital in the history of the VRS with the added benefit of the wonderful Malcolm Martineau at the keyboard. Not to be missed!

“Boesch doesn’t just sing this music, he inhabits it to the hilt. His voice has a thrilling edge, and he colours his lines with delicate artistry, yet his approach is as natural as conversation, never going for effects for their own sake, or inflating the importance of trifles which some of these songs indubitably are” – The Independent

The program takes us through Schumann’s life in song, starting with the first song he wrote for his first girlfriend, to his last two, written for Queen Mary Stuart, in the depths of madness.


Sehnsucht (1827)
Gesanges Erwachen (1828)
Waldesgespräch  Op. 39 No. 3
Mondnacht  Op. 39 No. 5
Schöne Fremde  Op. 39 No. 6
Frühlingsnacht  Op. 39 No. 12
Dein Angesicht  Op. 127 No. 2
Seit ich ihn gesehen  Op. 42 No. 1
Helft mir, ihr Schwestern  Op. 42 No. 5
Nun hast du mir den ersten Schmerz getan  Op. 42 No. 8
Erstes Grün  Op. 35 No. 4
Sehnsucht nach der Waldgegend  Op. 35 No. 5
Stille Tränen  Op. 35 No. 10
Der Himmel hat eine Träne geweint  Op. 37 No. 1
O ihr Herren  Op. 37 No. 3
Herbstlied (duet)  Op 43 No. 2
Belsatzar  Op. 57


Liebesgram (duet) from  Op 74 No. 3
Schneeglöckchen  Op. 79 No. 26
Er ist’s  Op. 79 No. 23
Wer sich der Einsamkeit ergibt  Op. 98a No. 6
An die Türen will ich schleichen  Op. 98a No. 8
Es stürmet am Abendhimmel  Op. 89 No. 1
Nachtlied  Op. 96 No. 1
Geisternähe  Op. 77 No. 3
Aufträge  Op. 77 No. 5
Die Sennin  Op. 90 No. 4
Meine Rose  Op. 90 No. 2
Requiem  Op. 90 No. 7
Abendlied   Op 107 No. 6
Warnung  Op. 119 No. 2
Abschied von der Welt  Op. 135 No. 4
Gebet  Op. 135 No. 5


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